Patient Stakeholder Group


The PCRHP Patient Stakeholder Group (PSG) is a community of individuals who come together monthly to share space and discuss issues related to sexual and reproductive health research. After researchers present their materials to the group, stakeholders provide their feedback, and the group engages in a dialogue to ensure that researchers are approaching their projects in ways that are culturally affirming, inclusive, accessible, equitable and respectful.

A survey about patients’ experiences with contraceptive counseling that the PSG helped to shape is now being used across several Planned Parenthood clinics. In addition to sharing perspectives on materials, members of the group share their expertise stemming from their own experiences with reproductive health and healthcare. The group is working collectively to create a space where people feel comfortable and safe to engage with potentially sensitive topics. As the PSG grows, our community is finding more and more ways to deepen relationships, affirming a collective commitment to a mutually beneficial and sustainable experience for stakeholders, staff, and researchers.

Who We Are


Julia "Juju" Arroyo


Julia is currently majoring in Women's Studies and holds nontraditional education studying in the Liberation Institue: Pedagogy Of the Oppressed. Julia works as the San Francisco Site Director at the Young Women's Freedom Center. Julia has been a patient stakeholder since 2016. She enjoys creating "art that tells a story" with her family and community.


Navida Bandera


Navida joined the PSG about 2-3 years ago. She joined the PSG because she is interested in giving her perspective on her experience with reproductive health and health in general. Navida is interested in helping create positive change in reproductive health for people of color. She has 2 AA degrees in Behavioral Science and Humanities and a BA in Sociology. Navida works with the YMCA of San Francisco with youth from low income families. She hopes to help youth reach their full potential. Navida didn't always have the support of others when she was growing up. She hopes to support youth, so they do not feel alone and have someone they trust that they can talk with. When she joined the PSG, Navida didn't think she would become a part of a long standing group. She loves this group: it has been a safe place for her to talk about her experiences without judgement. Navida feel like the group is making a difference and that every voice has something valuable to offer. She loves hearing others stories as well.


Umyeena Bashir


Umyeena Bashir is currently a master’s student at the University of San Francisco studying organic chemistry and is also the founder of the startup spotLIGHT, a company creating a period tracking app and subscription service that caters to all menstruating individuals. She has done extensive work in the female reproductive health field, with a particular focus on advocacy and legislation against toxic chemicals in menstrual care products. With her background in chemistry, she hopes to promote awareness of harmful chemicals in both period and birth control products and to provide better educational platforms to promote literacy in reproductive care options. As a patient stakeholder, she is interested in providing her insight on how chemicals and toxins can impact the patient care settings. In her free time she enjoys exploring new coffee shops and trying delicious pastries! 



Ziggy DeBerry


Ziggy joined the PSG in 2021.


Yesica Estrada


Yesica studied for her associate degree in allied health science in San Francisco. She currently works as a reproductive health specialist at Planned Parenthood NorCal. Yesica is passionate about reproductive and mental health, especially in communities in need. The most that she enjoys is spending time with the PSG team listening to different minds and perspectives of different topics brought to the team. She has the opportunity to present her passion about healthcare without judgements. Yesica likes to spend time with her family, keeping her 2 children fun and interactive. She enjoys cooking and watching movies during her family Friday night movies time. 



Natalia Monzon


Natalia joined the PSG in 2021.