Our Mission


The Person-Centered Reproductive Health Program aims to advance reproductive autonomy and well-being by conducting research and designing programs that center people’s experiences and preferences for sexual and reproductive health and health care, guided by an attention to the intersecting oppressions and structural injustices that impact people’s lives and health.



Our Vision



We envision a just world where all people experience trust and respect in interactions with health care providers and institutions and have the resources and support they need to achieve reproductive well-being.



Our Values

Reproductive autonomy

We believe that reproductive autonomy is a human right and is essential to social justice.

Research for Transformation

We believe that research can be a tool to counter oppression and improve people’s lives. We strive to advance these goals through conscientious selection of the questions we ask, the approaches we take to answering them, and the ways we disseminate our results.


We believe in the value of partnering with communities, stakeholders, and multi-sector teams to develop research and programs that meaningfully address people’s needs and are relevant to their lives.

Continued Growth

We are committed to ongoing reflection and learning, with the goal of continually evolving and improving ourselves and the work we do.


We are committed to rigor and methodological diversity in our research in order to advance our mission.